"No doubt it is the prejudice of a literary imagination to suggest that Mehaffy has updated another sculptural form, John Keats’s Grecian Urn, substituting some New Mexican creature for the sacrificial heifer. But there is a memorial quality to this installation that suggests a funeral procession. And in our world, Mehaffy believes, to represent animals is already to speak about their extinction or slaughter."                                                                       

Arden Reed

THE Magazine


"Mehaffy’s whittling away at the visage, until it is little more than features - with yeux clos, eyes that have closed upon this world - is not unlike the ghostly masks favored by the Symbolists - and, like the figures of Alberto Giacometti, too. In the end, it is perhaps courage which is often 
celebrated in the work of both of these artists."
                                                                                        Contemporary Art in New Mexico

Jan Adlmann with Barbara McIntyre



"In Mehaffy’s art, fragility and survival are issues explored through portentous references to the human body. The artist divorces commonplace objects from their ordinary stations both to critique an object-saturated civilization suffocating under the weight of its own decadence and to indicate its distance relations to nearly forgotten origins warranting our remembrance." 

Alex Ross

THE Magazine