Southeast Texas Blues
54" tall
wood, paper, antique chair

Patrick Mehaffy was born in Beaumont, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas, Austin, with a BA in anthropology.
Before pursuing a career in art Mehaffy spent four months hiking the Appalachian Trail, walking more than 1200 miles alone from Maine to Tennessee. He also worked as a mountaineering guide and instructor in the Rocky Mountain West, an antique furniture picker, a museum consultant, and a writer for a Native American-owned Tribal consulting firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Mehaffy’s art is informed by the geography and people of his youth in southeast Texas, his formal studies in anthropology, and his deep and profound love of the mountains and canyonlands of the American West. Although his art is not explicitly about environmental issues, in both content and materials it explores the antiquity, mystery, fragility, and uncertain future of  the natural world of the American landscape.
In addition to his work in the studio, Mehaffy has written and directed three award-winning short films.